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Meet the Author!

Deborah Delois Harris is an avid reader and writer who loves everything connected to literature, language, art and music. A content contributor for Black and Bookish Blog, Deborah's literary goals are to help fill the void in the number and quality of books based on African American characters.


Understanding the importance of children seeing themselves in the books they read, Deborah's children's books are not only fun and engaging they are also culturally representative of African Americans and their diverse backgrounds. She is the second oldest daughter in a family of 10 children and the first in her family to graduate from college.  Deborah holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Arkansas and a master’s degree in Adult Education and Distance Learning from the University of Phoenix. Although she spent her formative years in Camden, Arkansas she has lived and worked all over the world to include Kaiserslautern, Germany, Quito, Ecuador and Panama City, Panama.  

Deborah currently works and lives in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  

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